About L2Victory

Lineage 2 Victory is one of several of our projects (not only in the world of Lineage2). Which comes from an idea that we had and wanted to carry out at some point. Our last project in 2016, which was Mid-Craft (not sub-aqu), was great for what is the Latino community of Lineage 2 and we were in a state of sadness, as if we owed something to our users, we kept focused on re-opening that totally different project to a sub-cumulative. Then we started, we began to work on small things, and then with more time and without feeling that way, we started L2Victory that today is beginning its first stage and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. And we hope you come with us in this path of constant development to have a better server day by day.


¡ What stands out !

Constant Development

Constant Development

We do not want to just fix errors and provide support after opening. We want to continue working on new features and content based on your ideas and ours. And that is exactly what we are going to do!

Subclass Stuck

Subclass Stuck

Our server is Subclass Stuck, this type of servers are not usual as those of normal subclass. Even less... See a Subclass Stuck server who have their own development as is our case

Anti-Bot & Protections

Anti-Bot & Protections

As some have already seen or even read, we have some experience with the Lineage 2 servers, and thats why we decided to hire SGuard when deciding which protection to use.

Transparency as a Guide

Transparency as a Guide

We show and discuss about ourselves and our projects. We have several knowledge, we have helped in forums and collaborated in other people's projects, transparency matters to us. We want you to know us.

Featured Links

Find the featured download links. The list of prizes available for contributing to the server. We recommend you read the rules. Both the forum and in the game.

Meet Your Staff

Nicolas Zabattaro
The error comes from test, and the error becomes the knowledge. Never stop trying.

Nicolas Zabattaro

Source Helper & Project Admin.


Matias Vallejos
People ask me how I do to work so many hours on my projects, the answer is simple. - I only love what I do.

Matias Vallejos

Main Source Developer.


More Information

Rates & Others: General Features:
  • Exp: x30
  • Sp: x30
  • Adena: x15
  • Drop: x10
  • Spoil: x10
  • Normal Scroll: 58%
  • Blessed Scroll: 65%
  • Element Stone: 40%
  • Crystal Stone: 35%
  • Foundation: 3%
  • Buff Slot: 32
  • Dance Slot: 14
  • Triggered: 12
  • Subclass Max: 3
  • MP Potion: 500 MP +6 secs
  • SellBuff Chars
  • NPC Buffer
  • Achievements System
  • Ctrl+Click Stones
  • .fp command for party
  • LoA Mobs immune to Lethal,Stun,Fear
  • Champions
  • Global Store (auction)
  • Community Services
  • Community Database
  • Community Clan Recruit
  • Community RaidBoss Status
  • Vote Reward from ACP
  • Pasives Do not stuck

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